• Financial and economic consulting for entering the Czech, Slovak or Hungarian market, but not restricted to these markets
  • Commercial-law consulting
  • Cooperation in creating company’s internal systems and regulations
  • Putting together sample contracts and forms that you will use for your business activities
  • Cooperation with other experts and consultants (lawyers, solicitors, interpreters
  • Monitoring changes in tax laws and accounting regulations
  • Representation during tax controls and other dealings with tax administrators; we communicate with the tax administrator, we draft and file requests, possibly appeals
  • Processing and filing income tax, upon request also with an extended deadline; for physical entities including the overviews for social security and health insurance institutions
  • Processing other tax statements: road tax, property tax, inheritance tax, donation tax, conveyance of real estate tax, consumer tax
  • Processing other tax statements: road tax, property tax, inheritance tax, donation tax, conveyance of real estate tax, consumer tax
  • Consultations, meetings and written statements
  • Taking care of issues regarding international taxes for foreigners and migrating employees, and for international business
  • Bookkeeping according to the accounting norms of the given country
  • Bookkeeping also for organization subdivisions of international entrepreneurs
  • Drafting of final accounts including statements and appendices
  • Providing cooperation with your auditor
  • Consolidation
  • Processing of VAT returns and aggregate reports
  • Processing of Intrastat records
  • Filing of legal statistical statements
  • Various types of reports according to the client’s wishes – analysis, reviews, managerial statements in other languages
  • Administration of accounting documents, statutory documents and contracts, transfer of documents to electronic form, archiving of original documents
  • Possibility to connect from a distant office to our economic system and use it for your own needs (to invoice, to register stock supplies, to keep a cash book, to make payments using electronic/Internet banking, etc.)
  • Setting up an accounting system to suit the client’s needs
  • Complete payroll processing
  • Drawing up of pay slips and their discrete distribution
  • Drawing up of payment orders for the bank of the employer
  • Drafting of legal statements and reports
  • Annual tax summary for employees
  • Representing clients at the Social Security Administration and Health Insurance Authorities; we will take care of all written communication, we take care of inspections
  • Labour-law consultations, sample contracts
  • Monitoring of changes in wage and labour-law regulations

Our main advantage is the knowledge of the economic and business environment

The ideal partner for companies entering the Czech, Slovak or Hungarian market

GORDIA Central Europe branch offices:

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Czech Republic
Pekařská 695/10, CZ – 155 00 Praha
Matúšova 56, SK – 811 04 Bratislava
Ötvös János utca 3, H-1021 Budapest