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If we take a look at the activity of companies from the perspective of division into core business and supportive processes, we can see a clear trend heading in the direction of core business. Let’s consider issues such as: “Why should we do our own cleaning? Do we need our own transportation? Do we need our own accounting office?” A number of firms have adopted the philosophy – let’s do what we really know how to do; and we can outsource the rest.
Do what you can do best and outsource the rest…

GORDIA is a reliable partner for many companies

Our clients include manufacturers, businesses and companies providing services. We provide consulting for physical and legal entities.
Trnd – collaborative marketing company
TV production company
Association for athletes with disabilities
Kontakt BB
KITE Systems
Crystal Call
Czech Banking Credit Bureau
Fishing and hunting tv
IKO Cable
Smurfit Kappa

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Czech Republic
Pekařská 695/10, CZ – 155 00 Praha
Hálkova 1/A, SK – 831 03 Bratislava
Ötvös János utca 3, H-1021 Budapest